Zhuxianzhen, Xiangfu District, Kaifeng, China


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What We Do ?

In 2016, Kaifeng Xiangfu District Government authorized the group to hold the exclusive operating rights of ZhuXianzhen Woodblock New Year prints. Through research and repeated experimentation, the group successfully restored the traditional printing method of using plant mineral dyes, making the prints not only retain traditional characteristics but also adapt to the current aesthetic of people, inheriting traditional cultural craft works and traditional techniques. On November 20, 2016, the "China · Kaifeng zhuxianzhen Woodblock New Year Prints Industry Development Seminar and Brand Release Conference" was held in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing.

Chronicles of ZhuXianzhen

  • Resumption of Woodblock New Year Prints in 1961
  • Establishment of Kaifeng City Zhuxianzhen Woodblock New Year Prints Society in 1983
  • Establishment of Zhuxianzhen Woodblock New Year Prints Research Association in 1987
  • Awarded "The Hometown of Woodblock New Year Prints Art" by the state in 2003
  • Included in the first batch of "National Intangible Cultural Heritage List" in 2006
  • Awarded the Gold Prize at the Hangzhou World Leisure Expo in 2006
  • Completed the compilation of "Integrated Collection of Chinese Woodblock New Year Prints: Zhuxianzhen New Year Prints Volume" in 2006
  • Designated as a training base for fine arts and film and television practice by several universities in 2006
  • The Wooden Block New Year Picture Co., Ltd. of zhuxianzhen, Kaifeng was established in 2016
  • The Global Release Conference of Wooden Block New Year Pictures in zhuxianzhen was held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing in 2016

Our Artworks